About Us

Fighting Alliance has its roots in Pakistan; with fighters and coaches who wanted to start a promotion by fighters, for fighters. Originally named PAK MMA Fighting Alliance; they held their first promotion in February 2013. Almost a year later exactly; they conducted a second in 2014. After that, the promotion went dormant.

In November of the same year, Zubair Asghar started a promotion named Coretex. It was to organize events on local and national levels in order that fighters may have a venue to compete. In these events were hosted grappling, kickboxing, boxing and unofficial amateur MMA bouts. He proceeded to conduct events every 2-3 months until the end of 2015. By that time, the fighters saw that Zubair was the man to trust with taking their promotion to the next level. In January of 2016, he disbanded Coretex and formed a company named “Impact Sports Productions”, under the banner of which he wished to promote not just MMA but other combat sports. In order to give the platform a more internationally appealing name, the “PAK MMA” was dropped and Fighting Alliance was born, the MMA wing of Impact Sports.

In the period between April of 2016 and August of 2017; 4 international events and 2 national events were conducted under the Fighting Alliance banner. It was the only MMA promotion throughout Pakistan. National celebrities attended the events and were extremely impressed and shocked at such a high production value. This gained it international recognition throughout Asia and  parts of Europe, with a fight roster reaching just as far.

It was now the right time to expand the promotion, and reach overseas. Canada; at the current time, is looking to grow in terms of sports and culture. This seems the ideal place to help both sport and promotion grow. It landed in New Brunswick because it is one of the few provinces where amateur MMA is legal. And now Fighting Alliance has conducted its first Canadian event at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink in Saint John on August 25th.